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Long, long ago……………..

Long, long ago, once upon a time, when the world was new, the best stories take us up, up and away to another place, another time. We hike back roads and back alleys, wade through rivers and mysterious clues, sail over oceans and between stars. We explore the dark depths of Mother Earth and the even darker expanse of the human mind. Stories point out how skillfully our differences are interwoven with our similarities, an observation we seem to lack.
I am a story collector from a family of story collectors, an observer and learner. Now I am a storyteller, a sharer and teacher, telling and retelling stories.

Tell tales not lies.  Share stories not gossip.  Scatter sunshine not, well, the other stuff.  This site is dedicated to the power of a good story.  I am a School Nurse, part time writer and a full time bookworm.  I know the value of imagination and story and am pleased to share with you.