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William Shakespeare once wrote, “Love is not love which alters when it alteration finds, or bends with the remover to remove.”  What is it then if it bends, or falters, or fails?  Does it cease to be love if it bows to the weaknesses and frailties inside us all?  Does it cease to exist, or does it change?  And if it changes, what into?  Something that weakens, or something that buoys up, that changes the changer and elevates the frail heart?  We present these tales of Love to change your heart and challenge your outlook.

Aspects of Love is a collection of nine stories, each illustrating an aspect of love seen through Christian eyes.  Each story is prefaced by a quote and capped off by a scripture.

Father Earth:  Kaelyn Cull, Femme Fatale of the high stars learns to love herself and change her life with help of a very unusual being.

Mistress Quill:  A cursed woman calling herself Quill is released by the true love of a prince.  (You were expecting something else??????)

Ms. Pinocchio:  Andra Allid, manufactured in a clone factory for the use of sentient machines becomes a truly autonomous human through selfless love.

Undefined Civility:  A newlywed couple, Vonni and Thomas learn that for love to grow it needs more attention than sharing the same abode.

My Boyfriend the Car:  Karen McCall, Army test driver, finds out from a hero possessed car that love is as sweet as hot fudge.

To Dream Again:  Azzara, a dream caster who can no longer cast dreams, learns love is powerless without faith and hope.

The Squire and her Knight:  Wandering protectors, Brid and Brena battle the ultimate challenge to their friendship and learn the true power of love of friends.

       The Cry of the Cat:  Britt, a young widow, faces off against Nazi Germany to prove the love of a mother for her disabled child is stronger than any Führer’s edit.  

And Sometimes it Hurts:  Nada and Rosa, two broken hearts, discover the mending power of the love of Christ.

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